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Nerve Relaxer

Introduction: There are 400,000 black cells in the brain that can produce the dopamine. Dopamine can restrain Parkinson's disease. When the cerebral haemal wall was infracted by free radical, it cases circulation obstruction, result in cerebral hypoxia and innutrition, black cells functional disorder, so it makes Parkinson's disease symptom more severity.
Indications: It can maintain the health of the nerve and the muscle. It also helps sleep.

Suggested usage: As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

 Supplement Facts
 Amount Per Serving
Herba Passiflorae Coeruleae160mg
Radix Glycyrrhizae80mg
Our Evening Primrose softgel contains the highly concentrated Gamma Linolenic Acids (GIA) that is the necessary unsaturate Fatty Acid in the human body and the precursor prostatin E-1, that means Gamma Linolenic Acids (GIA) be transformed effectively into the prostatin E-1. However the prostatin E-1 possesses of the following functions: 1. Enhances the neurotransmition, prevents the nerve system from virus infection. 2. Improves the immune system functions. Increases the self-recognization of Immune system and educes the demethylation process, regulates the white blood cell's functions and reduces autoimmune Antibodies. 3. It is a strong anti-oxidant that prevents the cell membrane from being attacked by the free radicals, reduces the agglutination of platelets, lowers the cholesterol and softens the blood vessels.
* This is a formulation, although it has one or several herbs as principal, other herbs can increase the medicine function, or have the anti-antagonist function, or have the carry function (carry the principal herbs to the sick place), or protect the herbs to be free from a body fluid of stomach and intestines, or help the main herbs release the valid composition.

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Nerve Relaxer
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